Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey Crew Signup

Image of a Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey bottling crew.

The single question that we get asked the most... How do I signup to volunteer to bottle? Look no further friend - it's all right here.

About Bottlings

We bottle a batch of Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey approximately once every three weeks. We'll typically bottle on a rotating weekday, and not usually on weekends. On a typical bottling day, we'll bring in two crews of about 20 volunteers each to fill approximately 5,000 bottles of whiskey in total. The day is divided into two shifts - the first crew will work the AM shift, the second crew the PM shift. A typical shift lasts approximately 5 hours and though you're required to be on your feet and working for the duration, you'd be surprised how quickly time flies.

What To Expect

(1) Work. (2) Fun. (3) An experience of a lifetime. This is the real deal. You're bottling one of the best whiskeys out there that could reach any given corner of the world. You'll be on the bottling line, working side-by-side with our distillers and staff, unloading glass, corking, labeling, capping, shrinking, tagging, boxing and being our quality control. In order to volunteer you must be able and willing to stand on your feet for the duration of the shift, you must wear sensible work clothes, closed-toed shoes (NO sandals!), you must have a great attitude, love the whiskey and come ready to work and have a great time.

How Do I Land Myself On The Crew?

Our list of volunteers is about 4,500-strong and always growing. Needless to say, there are a few people interested in doing this. To make things fair, 50 names are randomly picked for each crew and an email is sent out to the lucky ones. The first 20 people to respond back will make it onto the crew. Once those spots are filled you're SOL, so when you receive that invite email, get on your horse and reply. Once you have volunteered on a crew, you will be ineligible for another crew for six months in an effort to give everybody a shot. Please do not call or email to inquire about the date of our next bottling and the possiblity of your inclusion. We love all you guys out there and your enthusiasm, but the only way onto a crew is through the lottery signup process.

If you have been confirmed for a crew, we are counting on you and you're expected to arrive at the distillery, on-time, on the day of the bottling. Failure to report for a crew after you have been confirmed will revoke your eligibility for future crews and you'll find yourself ending up on the dreaded Black List.

What's In It For You

In addition to the rare opportunity to participate in the whiskey making process we'll give you lunch/dinner and at the end of your shift and you'll walk away with a bottle of Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey that you bottled. How could life possibly get any better? What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

Sign up for Stranahan's Newsletter

You'll have to fill out your name and email for the tour sign-up anyway, so go ahead and click the box to sign up for our newsletter. We won't jam up your inbox, we'll hear from us about once a month unless we have something super exciting going on that can't wait.

What to expect in the newsletter? Events, special releases and anything else fun that might be happening at the distillery. You'll sometimes have the opportunity to win things too, like a private tour! So go ahead and sign up. You'll be happy you did.

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