From Ingredients to Fulfillment

and Everything In-Between

Acting as the central artery of a distillery, Stillhouse encompasses and manages all activities within. Through our intuitive and time tested interfaces, all activities within a distillery are accounted for creating accurate reports both for compliance and internal use. Stillhouse tracks spirit throughout the production process until it leaves your door. Adding convenience and efficiency to your daily operations, Stillhouse allows third parties such as distributors or distillery guests limited access through public facing portals to interact with your distillery.

How Clients Use Stillhouse

See how renowned craft distiller, Jake Norris and his team at Laws Whiskey House, use Stillhouse as part of their daily processes. The team simplified tasks to minimize the administrative burden. Reporting is more accurate and less time consuming for everyone at the Denver, CO distillery.

TTB Taxes & Reporting

Ease the burden of tedious production logs and take the headache out of the month-end reporting process. Daily data entry allows stillhouse to create all required TTB records, reports, and summaries. All that’s left for you is to file your reports and figure out what to do with that new-found time that you’ve reclaimed!

Inventory Tracking & Control

When starting batches, Stillhouse automatically depletes your inventories, ensuring the levels are accurate and always up-to-date. You can receive Low-Inventory Alert notifications and generate Vendor Purchase Orders with the click of a button. Real-time and exportable Inventory Reports ensure an accurate and timely information exchange between Operations and Accounting.

Forecasting & Planning

Move out of a scenario where business and operations planning is a roll of the dice driven by instinct, and into a world that is data-driven, smart, dynamic, and adaptive. With Stillhouse, gone are the days of inventory shortages and production delays. Let Stillhouse help you plan for your future growth—as we say, Distill Smarter, Not Harder.

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